Travel Log

The boys have had a great time in Avila. Thank you for your continued support. Please visit and be sure to “Like” the Choir’s Facebook page for continuing information. It is here. You can also visit our Youtube Channel for videos of the Choir. 


10603287_440782736086860_6732055555938664488_nOn Friday, the boys landed in Madrid.  They visited the Valley of the Fallen, an ancient Basilica which is the longest Church in the world – even longer then the Vatican. While there, the boys got a chance to sing with the school-choir at the Basilica.  From there, the boys journeyed on to Avila. They saw their first nighttime procession and enjoyed a delicious dinner at the ancient restaurant that dates to the twelfth century, Siglo Doce.




On Saturday, the boys got some free time to explore the city and got to see their first Avila daytime procession. They also visited the Basilica of St. Vincent and got to see St. Tererea’s walking stick.







img_33949Sunday was a big day for the boys as they started off the day with practice. They then sang in the Palm Sunday procession. It was a 4 mile long route and there was never a lull in the crowd! The boys sang before and after, and it sounded great! The next day, they made two local Avila Paper, and you can read the articles by clicking here and clicking here.


20909_442788442552956_5159654602875184047_nThe boys went sightseeing in Segovia. They sang 4 impromptu songs for the crowds at the Aqueduct of Segovia.  They also visited 11075213_442911169207350_7453172405015566429_nthe Segovia Castle. Beautiful day – more sun and warm weather. The boys sang beautifully at St John of the Cross’ Chapel with a warm and wonderful humble priest who celebrated a private Mass with all of them huddled around the altar below St. John.

The tour of the castle was simply amazing! The views are breathtaking with the snow covered peaks in the background. They had lunch in an outdoor cafe on a giant court with no cars – just a lot of pretty people and kids playing soccer.

They then walked down to the aqueduct built by the Romans in about 80AD, a feat of ingenuity at the time.

Then they saw an amazing procession of Mary approaching Jesus and Joseph.





IMG_0565On Tuesday, the boys toured Avila and played on the walls. They also played soccer at St. Vincent’s gate. This was a “fun day” for the boys and allowed them to get a little fun time in. At Midnight, the boys were invited to process in front of their hotel. It was a procession for Mother Mary. A signer appeared from the balcony and serenaded the statue below.


Today, the boys visited Alba de Tormes, where St. Teresa’s body and her heart was pierced by an Angel. At night, they gave an hour long concert at the Basilica of St. Vincent.

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