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About the Savio Boy Choir

travel4_6The Savio Boy Choir was founded in 2014 by the former director of the Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia, Mr. Thomas Windfelder. He has extensive experience with other boy’s choirs, most notably the Archdiocesan Boy Choir of Philadelphia, which Tom directed for over 25 years. Tom also has experience in directing school choirs and international trips. He is the current director of the school choir at St. Peter’s Church, the St. John Neumann Shrine, in Fishtown.

During his time in the Archdiocesan Boy Choir, Tom has taken the choir on many trips, including Fatima, Portugal, Avila, Spain, and even to the Vatican and Rome, where the choir performed for St. Pope John Paul II. Under Tom’s leadership the choir has performed throughout the world in the great Cathedrals and Monasteries of Europe, and the Savio Boy Choir will continue to do this. The Savio Boy Choir will be going on a worldwide tour to Spain in 2015 for Holy Week.

In 2015, the Choir will go on a pilgrimage to Avila, Spain. They will sing in the convents and monasteries where St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross had once lived, worked, and prayed. Many of the locals in Avila are enthusiastic about the Choir’s return! The choir has been granted permission to do a major concert in the Basilica of St. Vincent, which is considered to be the most beautiful church in all of Avila. They will also be there for a once in a lifetime event, the Five Hundredth Anniversary of the birth of St. Teresa. Tom has composed a new jubilee hymn that will be used just for this event.

Tom prays that St. Dominic Savio, the patron saint of choir boys, will intercede in the creation of this new choir.

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